• Stephen Poindexter

Living Cosmetics

The US cosmetics industry brings in over 45 billion dollars annually. Wow! That is a lot of lipstick and eye shadow!

Have you ever considered what cosmetics do? We get our English word “cosmetics” from a Greek word that means to adorn or to decorate. So, when a woman wears cosmetics, they are meant to adorn her…to decorate her.

So, guys, what do cosmetics do? Before you answer, stop and think about it. If you were about to say that cosmetics make your wife beautiful...that is the wrong answer.

The women in our lives are already beautiful. Contrary to what the cosmetic companies probably want you to believe after seeing their advertisements, the ladies in our lives don’t need make up to make them beautiful. They are already beautiful. The cosmetics they use is meant to adorn them…to highlight the beauty they already possess.

As Christians we are presented with this same picture of how we are to live out the gospel in our communities. We are to be living cosmetics! Titus 2:10 says that we are to: “so that in everything…adorn the doctrines of God our Savior.

The word “adorn” comes from the same word that gives us our English word “cosmetics.” This is such a cool picture. The gospel is already beautiful. Nothing can be added it to it to make it any more beautiful. Every member of the local church is to live in such a way that the beauty of the gospel is highlighted to the community in which we live.

If you have ever purchased a diamond, then most likely the jeweler presented the diamond to you in a certain way. I’m sure that the jeweler didn’t just lay the diamond on a piece of cardboard or simply lay it on the glass counter. No, they probably got out this dark piece of velvet cloth and laid the diamond on it. Why do that do that? They do it because they are “adorning” the diamond. They want to highlight its beauty to you, the customer, so that you’ll be willing to pay whatever price they are getting ready to lay on you.

Just like that dark velvet cloth or the setting of a ring highlights the beauty of a diamond, our lives are to be like grace-filled cosmetics, highlighting the perfect clarity and beautiful truths about God our Savior.

We are to highlight the beauty of the gospel to the world. But why? Why are we to highlight the beauty of the gospel? Because God is worthy of it…and because your boss needs a Savior. Your neighbor needs a Savior. The kid you sit next to in class…and that man or woman that you work with every day needs a Savior.

Everyone that you come in to contact with each day are going to live somewhere forever. And there are only two options – heaven or hell. Being in the glorious presence of God and Christ forever, or being doomed to an eternity without Christ. And you can’t get into heaven or be in the presence of God without the gospel…the doctrine of God our Savior.

In everything we do, we are to highlight the treasure of the gospel as we live out the truths of the Word of God. Highlighting the treasure of the gospel gives a demonstration of truth and power in our communities and provides hope to all who embrace it.

As living cosmetics, we are to live in such a way that helps people understand the Grace of God. The grace of God has appeared…and that grace is Jesus. Jesus Christ has broken into our situation and has come into our reality and provided rescue from the destruction of sin. That truth gives us the motivation to highlight the beauty of the gospel.

The grace of God is amazingly beautiful but not always clearly understood. Some people think of God’s grace as an abstract theological concept to be discussed. When in reality God’s grace should be understood as “a personal action by a personal God who has saved us from our helpless condition out of pure love.”

Jesus has provided the grace needed to rescue you from a hopeless and helpless situation, therefore you should be compelled to live a life that highlights the beauty of His beautiful gospel of grace.

Let’s be living cosmetics, highlighting the grace that has wonderfully transformed our lives and redeemed our souls.

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